“Every Dollar We Spend Helps Someone In Need”

“Every Dollar We Spend Helps Someone In Need”

Emmanuel’s 2016 Pledge Campaign

Worship & Pastoral Care — $179,514
xmas2014aThe heart and soul of Emmanuel’s life and work together. Everyone needs to hear the Gospel proclaimed, to “practice heaven“ through the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, and to learn how and why God’s work matters to us in the 21st Century. The largest portion of our budget supports worship, because worship inspires and motivates all of our other ministries. It includes the salaries of the Rector and two other staff members and a variety of supplies. Pastoral Care is provided by the same staff so it is included here as well.


Christian Formation –$14,660large933
Not just Sunday School for our children, but Adult Bible studies, Lent programs, “Episcopal Church 101” and other seasonal offerings. The world is constantly changing around us, and young and old need to be able to interpret these changes and to choose wisely among them. This includes the cost of one staff member and program expenses.

Hospitality — $49,786
You could call it “Buildings & Grounds,” but the truth is that our property says a great deal about our mission to the Bel Air community. IMG_6035Not only do we welcome people into our sanctuary through our open doors, but we encourage friends and neighbors to meet in our parish hall and other spaces. Currently, 11 groups (several of them “12 Step” groups) take advantage of our hospitality on a weekly or monthly basis, with many more that using our hall for receptions after special services or large family gatherings. The expenses in this section include heating and cooling costs, repairs & maintenance, other utilities, and our Sexton’s salary. It should be no surprise that many people who have experienced our hospitality later become members.

Outreach — $0Harvest Fest 15
Surprised? All of our outreach efforts – the food pantry, the porch cooler for our homeless friends, the items produced and given away by our yarn guild, and our Thrift shop policy of giving clothing away to families in need – cost nothing to our budget. Each effort is staffed by volunteers who understand what a difference our concern for our community makes. All of this comes from the generosity of parishioners who grab a couple of extra items at the grocery store, or who donate a couple of skeins of unused yarn. We do supplement these contributions by particular efforts and appeals, such as the Spring Harvest Festival sponsored by our Third Saturday Band. But it is the Volunteers who make it all work.
Staying Connected – $33,920
diocesan-shield-color-300dpiEmmanuel Church is a member of the Diocese of Maryland, and thereby of the Episcopal Church, and therefore also a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion. We pay an annual assessment to support the Bishop’s office, a portion of which also supports the mission of the Episcopal Church as a whole. There are tangible benefits to this support beyond the occasional visit from a bishop or canon: Transportation and lodging for the recent “Project Resource” conference was funded by the Diocese. Meanwhile, we stay connected to our local community through our newsletter, website and other media – material which reaches well beyond the members of our congregation.

Emmanuel Church Needs Your Help — $213,760 Worth of It!

We need everyone to contribute to reach our goal of $213,760 in pledged income for 2016. You’ll find a pledge card along with this mailing. We hope that you will give more than you did last year. If you are new to pledging to Emmanuel, please consider giving $1000 over the course of the year.

We hope you agree that the ministries we offer to those in the pews and outside of our open doors are important to you and to our community and that you will join in supporting them.

You’ll find our Draft 2016 Budget and A Pledge card at the download links below.

2016 Draft Budget

Pledge Cards 2016

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